BOSTON, April 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Affectiva, the global leader in emotion sensing and analytics with over 11 billion data points collected to date, today announced availability of its industry-leading Software Development Kit (SDK) on Microsoft Windows, joining iOS and Android as supported platforms. Also, Affectiva announced it would make its SDKs available to developers for a 45-day free evaluation.

The Affdex SDKs enable developers to create interactive and exciting emotion-aware apps and digital experiences. Now with the Windows SDK, Affectiva can also provide on-premises, real time emotion analytics as required by media and entertainment test labs and academic research labs.

“Devices, apps and technology have become exceedingly smart and hyper-connected. They bring high IQ to the digital world, but lack EQ. At Affectiva we bring emotional intelligence to the digital world,” says Nick Langeveld, President and CEO of Affectiva. “With our Affdex SDKs, emotion-enabled applications open a new world of real time interaction in response to how people feel, allowing digital experiences to come to life. Infused with immediate, unfiltered emotion feedback, applications and digital experiences become sympathetic to the user, adapting to the user’s emotional state, and adjusting their interfaces and flow to better suit the user’s mood.”

Use cases for the Affdex SDK span a variety of industries and verticals and include reactive narration, gaming, online video communication, online education and consumer experiences. Recently, experiential design firm Wild Blue Technologies developed a unique consumer retail experience for The Hershey Company, using the Affdex SDK.

“At Hershey, we recognize the importance of leveraging technology to drive emotional connections. Our iconic brands, like Hershey’s, Kisses, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, are key to driving a great consumer experience and capturing emotion at the point of sale,” says Frank Jimenez, Senior Director of Retail Evolution at The Hershey Company. “Our deep knowledge of the consumer and shopper has also helped us to understand that we have a powerful opportunity to deepen this consumer connection and loyalty through the intersection of technology and beloved consumer brands. The ability to capture and connect that emotional response to consumers’ favorite brands is a game changer for the industry.”

Says Steve McLean, President of Wild Blue Technologies: “Leveraging Affectiva’s emotion recognition SDK, we were able to provide a unique way for consumers to sample Hershey products in real time while they were making a decision at the point of purchase. We chose Affectiva because they invested in the science and technology needed to make their emotion analytics excel in all scenarios, even recognizing a wide variety of ethnicities — a critical requirement for execution in a public space. No other emotion tracking SDK has been as accurate and easy to use as Affectiva’s Affdex SDK. And, with the SDK available for iOS, Android and Windows, it has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for us and our clients. We look forward to leveraging Affectiva’s software to create more surprising and delightful customer experiences.”

Affectiva is now offering a 45-day free trial of its SDK at


Affectiva brings emotional intelligence to the digital world. Using optical sensors, Affectiva technology and science map people’s facial expressions into emotions, unobtrusively and at scale. Affectiva has amassed the world’s largest emotion data repository — 2.7 million faces analyzed from over 75 countries amounting to more than 11 billion emotion data points. Its emotion analytics platform AffdexR is used by one third of Fortune Global 100 companies to understand consumer emotional engagement, optimize business processes and improve customer experiences. Affectiva’s technology is also applied to emotion-enable digital apps and experiences.