Our CEO @kaliouby featured on @WomenInResearch as one of the top ten female MR entrepreneurs: https://t.co/K4yuZ14Lfr
10:35, Jun. 21
Voxpopme: Breathing Life into Brand Market Research with Emotion Recognition for Video https://t.co/Pt9KNpNDOF https://t.co/C4vyfpAwNw
9:45, Jun. 21
Awesome infographic created from the largest emotion database in the world! HQ Image: https://t.co/nsik5yizS5… https://t.co/XuXnj4wolV
9:35, Jun. 21
The new #EmotionAI tech is reinventing the way call centers will engage with customers in the future. Learn more: https://t.co/ZwNrPi3vtF
2:05, Jun. 20
We are the emotional component of @udacity AI Nano Degree program! Learn more about the course and syllabus here: https://t.co/usqBlNIbWJ
10:33, Jun. 20
CEO @kaliouby featured on @Forbes as an Emerging AI leader on @GilPress' AI Series for introducing #EmotionAI. https://t.co/cFmQyw37RR
9:33, Jun. 20
CEO @kaliouby featured on @BloombergRadio discussing the creation and application of #EmotionAI @Pershing conf. https://t.co/gy1lVA2mCW
2:01, Jun. 19
CEO @kaliouby in fireside chat with @ComputerHistory Museum CEO @jchchm discussing #EmotionAI. Featured on @Medium https://t.co/sOYk8QKm0c
11:42, Jun. 19
We are in the process of creating an AI that understands emotion. Check out @DesignNews' coverage of Affectiva: https://t.co/ZL4LUOEn4D
9:31, Jun. 19
Our own @ahamino featured on @CNET @Roadshow article written by @way4ne. An in-depth look into emotion-aware cars. https://t.co/nekLOXNX2q
9:34, Jun. 17
CEO @kaliouby featured on @Forbes as an Emerging AI leader on @GilPress' AI Series for introducing #EmotionAI. https://t.co/Y9WsQjfdEk
10:32, Jun. 16
Adding an Emotional Face to Machine Learning - learn more about us as @mit_ide features our story on @Medium: https://t.co/BvLNndO4aZ
9:32, Jun. 16