The Opportunity

Do you like streamlining tools? Do you like fixing things? Do you enjoy solving tricky problems? Join the leaders in emotion recognition and develop emotion analytics powered by the largest repository of emotion data in the world.

The Work

As a Data Processing Engineer, you will be responsible for creating a tool that defines subsets of datas that need to be labeled for machine learning. You’ll also create tools to tag videos as being RGB, NIR, or mixed. You’ll create a tool to tag videos for training, validation, and test splits. Using OCR technology, you’ll create a tool to convert GPS text from video into location data. This position will also create data reports to keep your peers and management informed.

The Skills Required

  • SQL
  • Strong background in scripting / automation (e.g. shell, Perl, Python, Ruby etc.)

Other Useful Skills

  • AWS Batch
  • Computer Vision
  • Experience in working in a fast-paced environment with a proven track record of success at startups
  • ECS and Docker

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