Emotions matter, they influence how we live work and think.  However, in our digital world, full of hyper-connected devices, smart technology and advanced AI systems, emotion is missing.  This hampers not only how we humans  interact with technology, but also how we communicate with each other as more of these communications take place online. Affectiva is on a mission to bring emotional intelligence to the digital world.  Affectiva’s emotion recognition technology is the Emotion AI platform that will power these emotion-aware technologies and digital experiences.


How It Works

Using Affectiva’s Custom Emotion Training & Classifiers framework you can train classifiers from diverse data sets in order to understand context specific emotions such as drowsiness, distraction and frustratration.

For example, automotive manufacturers can build a custom classifier to identify when drivers are getting drowsy so that the car can sound an alert. Educators can create an engagement classifier that shows when students lose interest and optimize their curriculum to make it more interesting.