Emotion as a Service enables you to analyze human expressions of emotion simply and cost-effectively. Just record people expressing emotion and then send those videos or images to us to get powerful emotion metrics back. Emotion as a Service is highly accurate. There is no setup or integration required and you can use it on demand, whenever you need it.

Emotion as a Service is used in multiple ways:

  • Market researchers use it to study facial expressions of emotion in qualitative testing
  • Academic researchers use it to analyze their video libraries
  • Designers and produce managers use it to visualize emotion metrics captured from their recorded video
Emotion as a Service dashboard shows a moment by moment analysis of the different expressions and emotions in an uploaded video or image.
Features & Benefits
Analyze 7 Emotions
Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Joy, Surprise, Fear and Contempt
Accurate Results
Highly accurate results based on industry-leading patented science using the world's largest repository of emotion data
20 Facial Expressions
20 nuanced facial expressions (action units)
Face and Head Tracking
Face tracking and head pose estimation including pitch, roll and yaw
Easy to Use
Upload digital content through the cloud-based UI and visualize the results online or download the .CSV or JSON files
Cost Effective
Pricing starts at $1.00 per video minute