People with various health conditions may be monitored for changes in health, therapy compliance, therapy effectiveness and so on. The monitoring gives the individual the opportunity to see how they are doing, and a caregiver the data needed to gauge outcomes and progress. In addition to health status, the monitoring can indicate a mental state such as an emotional or cognitive state. To monitor an individual, physiological data from the individual is collected using a sensor. To provide the most up to data physiological data, the sensor is worn by the individual. The sensor can be built into a garment such as a glove, strap, or wrist band, so that it can be conveniently worn for a period of time. The sensor is connected to a circuit board and to replaceable electrodes. The physiological data that is collected includes electrical activity of the wearer’s skin. Other physiological data includes skin temperature, heart rate, or heart rate variability. Skin electrical activity depends on temperature, humidity, and other factors. To increase accuracy of the collected data, pressure data collected. The pressure data is used to compensate the electrical activity of the sensor wearer’s skin.

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Title: Biosensor With Electrodes And Pressure Compensation

Patent Number: US 8,965,479 B2

Application Number: 14/325,263

Filing Date: Jul. 7, 2014

Issue Date: Mar. 12, 2013

Inventors: Wilder-Smith, Oliver Orion and Rosalind Wright Picard

Related Application Data: Continuation of application No. 12/905,560, filed on Oct. 15, 2010, now Pat. No. 8,774,893, and a continuation-in-part of application No. 12/840,074, filed on Jul. 20, 2010.