Cloverleaf’s shelfPoint solution is the first application of Affectiva’s Emption AI in retail. Not only is shelfPoint smart and insightful…it also delivers proven double-digit sales uplift.

Cloverleaf is a retail technology company for the modern brick-and-mortar marketer and merchandiser. With Cloverleaf’s recently announced shelfPoint solution, brands and retailers can now capture customer engagement and sentiment data at the moment of purchase decision — something previously unavailable in physical retail stores.

shelfPoint is a dynamic retail solution featuring high-definition LCD display strips mounted across an entire store shelf face. The shelf face, previously reserved for paper price tags, is an underutilized piece of real estate as existing shopper behavior is to look to this shelf face for information. Designed to attract, engage and convert shoppers, shelfPoint displays product messaging, pricing information (including bar codes) and promotional content – all based on she shopper’s proximity to the shelf unit. shelfPoint’s integrated optical sensor collects metadata and interprets it using Affectiva’s Emotion AI technology. Variables measured include  emotional response, and anonymous shopper demographic data including age, gender and major ethnic group. The solution delivers a whole new level of customer insights to brick and mortar retailers, who up until now have had to rely solely on store traffic and point-of-sale data to determine the effectiveness of their promotions.


Increase in impulse buys and purchases with shelfPoint as seen by P&G


“Online retail has demonstrated how powerful data insights can be. Through our partnership with Affectiva and the use of Emotion AI, we designed a solution to help brick and mortar retailers capture customer sentiment data using one of the most powerful areas in the store: the shelf. Early pilots have already shown double-digit sales uplift and we’re excited to roll it out to retailers nationwide.” Gordon Davidson, founder and CEO, Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf is dedicated to reimagining the physical shopping experience and is eager to continuously bring new innovation to its shelfPoint solution. Later this year, shelfPoint will introduce new features that provide brands and retailers live shelf information.