Little Dragon is a learning app on a mission to make learning more enjoyable and more effective.  It’s AI uses Affectiva’s Emotion SDK.  Little Dragon is made by Artha Ltd., a team of Psychologists, Educational Professionals and Game Designers that was founded 2015 in Hong Kong.

Learning is an emotional experience and increasingly computer mediated. Little Dragon’s mission is simple: make learning more enjoyable and more effective, by providing an educational tool that is both universal and personalised.

Integrating Affectiva’s powerful and portable technology allows Little Dragon to provide every learner with a sensitive and responsive teacher. Little Dragon uses the Affectiva SDK to detect facial expressions, body movements and position relative to the screen. The app analyzes this stream of data alongside other signals to infer emotions that are relevant to the process of learning. Little Dragon’s AI then adjusts to and anticipates the user’s state to keep kids engaged.

Affectiva’s SDK is integral to Little Dragon’s evolving ability to improve the emotional experience of learning. Field trials in rural China confirmed what the Artha team expected – kids like to be seen and have their achievements recognized. As Artha continues to refine Little Dragon’s ability to follow and respond to the learners’ emotional states they expect more engagement. Lessons are continuously adjusted to be at the right level of challenge. They are also excited by the ways in which they can integrate Little Dragon into existing classrooms and provide parents and teachers with feedback.

The Artha team envisions that the data they are analyzing will provide unprecedented insights on how we learn, and in turn how we can continue to improve learning. Little Dragon has the potential to be a truly global teacher, automating, accelerating, and democratizing the science of learning and teaching.