The Emotion-Aware Car: Creating a Journey as Enjoyable as the Destination

The automotive industry is under massive disruption. Vehicles are becoming digital platforms on wheels, designed to enhance mobility and create an emotionally charged in-cabin experience – all while improving safety. Affectiva’s AI, built on computer vision, speech science and deep learning, enhances in-cabin sensing to understand the occupant experience: from mood and cognitive load to improved HMI, we redefine trust.

Increased Road Safety
Identifying dangerous driving behavior is critical not only to the safety of the vehicle’s occupants but anyone around them. While there are several technologies in market today that aim to address this problem (such as lane drift alerts), these are rule-based systems that make driving a little safer but do not fully solve the problem - as road safety is much more complex. The next generation of AI integrated into advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), can help prevent accidents before they happen using machine learning and computer vision paired with in-cabin cameras.
Operation of Autonomous Car
How does the autonomous vehicle safely hand control to a human driver who is alert and engaged? In semi-autonomous cars, Affectiva can help address the L3 handoff challenge with facial expression analysis that can determine if the driver is alert and sufficiently engaged to assume safe control of the car. In self-driving cars, Affectiva’s People Analytics monitors the mood and reactions of the passengers to ensure that the transportation experience is safe and enjoyable.
Personalized transportation experience
Affectiva’s patented emotion recognition technology uses computer vision, speech science, and deep learning to sense and analyze facial and vocal expressions of emotion. This means infotainment systems can provide highly personalized recommendations and adjustments based on the mood of the car's occupants, adults and children alike. Based on joy or frustration the car could recommend alternate routes and interesting stops along the road, or adjust the audio system or climate control.
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