What if we could play games that read our emotions and adapt in real-time?

Games are designed to take us on an emotional journey, but do not sense and adapt to a player’s emotions. Our Emotion AI is transforming the gaming industry, giving developers the tools to create more immersive games and providing gamers the unique ability to drive gameplay with their emotions.

Modify games dynamically
While a game is running, monitor the emotional state of a player using just a webcam. The emotions can be used as a trigger to alter the gameplay, becoming control mechanisms for AI interactions. Our software can also provide accurate insight into frustration levels and provide a channel to tune dynamic difficulty, allowing for a smoother player experience, higher player retention and extended play sessions.
Supplement back-end data analytics
Accurate emotional state data can be attached to markers placed in the game to allow synchronization with the player data already being collected. Armed with emotional data associated with moments prior to a player quit or purchase, publishers can achieve more accurate profiling and get the analytic edge needed to increase retention, create higher conversion rates, or identify and nurture whales.
Add emotion data to playtesting
Development teams can now capture - in a highly scalable fashion - players' unbiased and unfiltered emotional response during usability and market testing. This greatly increases the ability to intercept usability issues and head off major player hang-ups, by showing aggregate emotional responses of potentially thousands of users at key marked moments of the game.
Measure eSports audience mood
In eSports and professional video gaming, the platform providers can integrate our emotion-sensing and analytics software to monitor in real time the emotional state and engagement of the audience, to be displayed in a "fan reaction" meter. Also, the emotional state of the players can be exposed to the audience as well as other players, highlighting when a player is most excited, frustrated or jubilant.
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