Emotion aware healthcare quantifies mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Emotions have a significant impact on our mental health and wellbeing. In our world full of hyper-connected devices and smart technology we are able to analyze and measure many aspects of physical fitness, but we are not yet tracking emotions to get a complete understanding of our overall wellbeing. The future of healthcare is emotion-aware with devices and technology that can sense, measure and analyze our emotions.

Our Emotion AI can be integrated into telemedicine platforms. Through video communication healthcare providers can get real time feedback on the emotional state of the patient, or the patient can gather continuous, longitudinal emotion data and send that to their doctor.
Mental Health Research
Facial expressions can be indicators of mental health issues such as depression, trauma and anxiety. Researchers are already using Affectiva's technology to unobtrusively quantify human emotion and use this data to design programs and treatments for mental health afflictions.
Drug Efficacy
Efficacy testing of mental health drugs and therapy programs is largely done through subjective rating scales. Emotion recognition technology provides pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers, at scale, more objective data that carries the potential for personalization of therapies.
Autism Support
People on the autism spectrum often have difficulty reading emotions and regulating their own emotional responses. Emotion recognition technology can enable devices and apps that can serve as aids to interpret facial expressions and emotions and prompt behavioral cues.
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