Emotion AI will power a world of connected devices.

We live in a world of hyper-connected smart devices and appliances. Our devices have lots of IQ, but no EQ. Lots of cognitive intelligence but no emotional intelligence. What if technology could understand our emotions? Imagine your fridge working with you to eat healthier, or your wearable and TV team up to get you off the couch! Your bathroom mirror senses that you’re a bit stressed and interacts with your lighting to adjust it while turning on the right mood-enhancing music.


At Affectiva we believe the next wave in computing will be the emotionally intelligent Internet of Things. We can’t wait to see what mood-aware devices and machines you create!

Real Time Interaction
Adding emotions to a digital experience allows you to measure a user or crowd’s emotions and respond in real time.
Emotion Analytics
With data collected on multiple iOT devices you'll have broad understanding of users' longitudinal behavior.
Offline Capability
Your iOT device doesn't need to rely on the internet in order to analyze emotions.
Small Footprint
Our SDKs will run on iOT devices with limited CPU and memory resource constraints.
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