Emotion AI - Humanizing Technology through the merger of IQ & EQ is inevitable

We live in a world full of hyper connected devices and advanced AI systems. Designed to be contextual and relational, these systems have massive cognitive abilities. High IQ, but no EQ. Yet, emotions matter. They influence every aspect of our lives: our communications, the decisions we make and our wellbeing. Interactions with technologies that are not emotion-aware are transactional, superficial and ineffective – but what if technology could identify emotions as humans can?

Emotion aware healthcare quantifies mental health and emotional wellbeing. What if doctors could objectively measure how you are feeling the way they measure our other vital signs?
Robotics & Connected Devices
Infuse companion and service robots with emotional intelligence, making them truly social, empathic and more effective – bringing them to life. What if virtual assistants understood we were frustrated and responded appropriately?
Personalized Education Experiences
Measure in real time learner emotional responses to educational content, pinpointing confusion, irritation or boredom. What if a professor of an online class could measure comprehension of lecture content and adapt her future lectures accordingly?