Measure in real time learner emotional responses to educational content, pinpointing confusion, irritation or boredom

Learning success hinges on engaging the student emotionally. Affectiva’s Emotion AI provides educators, content creators and publishers emotion data, that allows for iterative improvement and personalization of content, and enables real time adaptivity. Our engagement and attention metrics are lead indicators of comprehension and completion, allowing for early intervention to improve retention. We are looking for Education partners to collaborate on collecting education data to power the next generation of emotion-aware education solutions.

Self-paced Learning Insight
Measure a student’s moment-by-moment emotional engagement with online educational content, flagging when confusion, irritation or boredom occurs. Give students access to their emotion data for self-help purposes, enabling students to understand how their own emotions unfold while taking online education, giving them valuable insights to how they can adjust their learning most effectively.
Adaptive Learning Content
Online curricula can be developed with emotion data as a control mechanism, adapting and personalizing the content to the student’s emotional response, offering alternate content if the student is confused, or speeding up delivery of content if the student is bored. The system could also raise alerts to allow intervention if a student is at risk of dropping out and not completing the course.
Mood meter for virtual classrooms
In live virtual classrooms, where there is no video stream of the students, or where the sheer size of the classroom makes it impossible to see all faces, such as in MOOCs, Emotion AI can be used to provide educators aggregate, anonymous metrics of the emotional state of the students, providing them with valuable information on the mood of the classroom, allowing them to adjust their teaching accordingly.
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