It is now widely acknowledged that understanding human emotion is central to creating successful brands, customer experiences and creative content. After all, emotions influence consumer behavior. Too often still emotions are ignored or poorly understood. Organizations need the same emotional intelligence that people have – they need to understand their audiences and customers without making them think about how they feel, or even realize how they feel. Traditional approaches to gaining insight into emotions are costly, time-consuming and do not scale.

Emotion AI is novel technology that measures, with their consent, customers’ unfiltered and unbiased emotional and cognitive responses, unobtrusively and at scale. This enables organizations to understand how their customers and viewers feel when they can’t or won’t say so themselves. The unique insight gained can then be practically applied to improve brand experiences and communications, building more positive and meaningful connection with customers, and enabling optimization and action that directly impacts the bottom line.

The Affectiva Media Analytics solution understands complex and nuanced emotions and cognitive states by analyzing facial movement. The solution is built using our industry-leading Emotion AI, software that uses computer vision and  deep learning, and is delivered either in the cloud or on device. 

Our Media Analytics solution is based on the world’s largest repository of emotion data. It has been used to research over 50,000 videos in 90 countries, yielding over 9.5 million face videos and more than 5 billion frames of data.  This enables us to train and test our machine learning classifiers with unparalleled accuracy, while mitigating for algorithmic bias as we take into account a huge variety of cultures and face types.

Affectiva Media Analytics provides self-serve job setup and APIs to integrate seamlessly with survey platforms, enabling the smooth passing of data back and forth. Project turnaround times are measured in hours. 

For over 8 years, our solution has served leading companies to help them better understand consumer responses to their brand content.

Affectiva’s Emotion AI is used by the world’s largest brands and insights firms 

Our solution can be applied to many domains of consumer insight – from advertising and entertainment content optimization, to audience reaction analysis, qualitative concept research and customer experience measurement. Better emotional understanding allows brands to connect more deeply with their buyers and audiences.

Use Cases

Affectiva Media Analytics for Ad Testing

Analyze how target consumers respond to animatic and finished film video material using the emotion insight to answer creative, media and ROI challenges.

Affectiva’s technology has validated exclusive measures to give confidence in market performance. Giving you clear guidance on targeting media groups, alongside executional challenges of improving story flow, creating cut-downs, testing voice overs and understanding the emotional role of your brand. Learn more.

Affectiva Media Analytics for Entertainment Content Testing

Understanding viewer emotional engagement with entertainment content such as movies is key to creating an experience that makes a viewer want to see more.

Affectiva Emotion AI gives you the ability to decode both audience reaction and the characters within the content. Empowering creative teams to identify the key emotional moments to enhance or edit playability, whilst also giving Marketeers the ability to understand the key moments for trailers and marketing materials. Learn more.

Affectiva Media Analytics for Qualitative Research

With the pandemic disrupting face-to-face interaction, Qualitative Researchers can now accurately and authentically understand the emotional responses of their participants, in both traditional physical settings and an online environment.

Affectiva’s Emotion AI empowers you to quickly pinpoint emotional highlights, complimenting the role of the Qualitative researcher through validating intuition and interpretation, all within an intuitive and easy to administer interface. Learn more.

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