At Affectiva, our mission is to humanize technology.  Using our software development kit (SDK) and cloud-based API you can be part of this! Enrich digital experiences.  Add emotion awareness to apps, games and other products. Allow devices to respond to users’ emotions in real time.
This is Emotion AI.

Use our SDK to detect emotion in real time on device or call our API to analyze your recorded media in the cloud. We support 8 platforms including iOS, Android, Web, Windows, Linux, macOS, Unity and Raspberry Pi. We identify 7 emotions, 20 expressions and 13 emojis  and include classifiers for age, gender and ethnicity. The SDK and API detects emotion on individual faces as well as for groups of 20+. Best of all, our solutions takes just a few hours to setup, giving you the ability to fully emotional enable your applications – in an afternoon!

Facial expression of emotions in GIFs mined from using the Emotion SDK

How it Works

The Emotion SDK and API are designed to analyze spontaneous facial expressions that people show in their daily interactions.  Our technology works with any optical sensor, device camera or standard webcam.  Computer vision algorithms identify key landmarks on the face – for example the corners of your eyebrows, the tip of your nose, the corners of your mouth. Machine learning algorithms (classifiers) then analyze pixels in those regions to classify facial expressions.  We use Facial Action Coding System (FACS) to classify facial expressions or Action Units (AUs). Combinations of these facial expressions are then mapped to emotions.

The API and SDK are built on our industry-leading patented science. The highly accurate classifiers have been trained and tested using Affectiva’s massive emotion data repository—the world’s largest emotion database with more than 5 million faces from 75 countries analyzed.

Designed for developer ease-of-use, the SDK processes emotion data on-device (no cloud round trip), and the library is lightweight and fast to support a small memory footprint and real-time processing.  The API provides developers who do not want to embed our technology on device an equally powerful solution.

“Leveraging the Affectiva’s SDK we were able to provide a unique way for customers to sample Hershey’s products in real time while they were making a decision at the point of purchase. No other emotion SDK has been as accurate and easy to use.” Steve McClean – President Wild Blue Technologies

Features & Benefits
Works on Multiple Platforms
Support for iOS, Android, Web, Windows, Linux, macOS, Unity, Raspberry Pi.
Easy to Integrate
Works using any optical sensor or standard webcam. Generally takes just a few hours to add to your product.
Emotions and Facial Expressions
Identifies 7 emotions, 20 expressions, 13 emojis as well as age, gender and ethnicity.
World's Largest Emotion Database
Built using the world's largest emotion database of more than 5 million faces analyzed in 75 countries.
Cost Effective
Startup and enterprise licenses available. Contact for more details.
Realtime Multiface Tracking
Track 20+ faces using a single optical sensor giving you the ability to analyze emotion data for groups.
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