Smart Eye has over two decades of experience building AI-based eye tracking and delivering automotive-grade Driver Monitoring Systems. Rather than continuing as competitors in the automotive market, the two companies joined forces. By combining best-of-breed technologies and two highly skilled and complementary teams, Smart Eye and Affectiva will bring to market unparalleled automotive-grade Interior Sensing AI, better and faster than the competition. This solution will not only improve automotive safety, saving human lives around the world, it will also provide differentiated mobility experiences that enhance wellness, comfort and entertainment. 

Smart Eye’s vision began as a dream that awoke our curiosity. When we researched its premise, how eyes could help technology understand human behavior, we saw the future of eye tracking. In 1999, we set out to make it a reality. 

Smart Eye was founded by Martin and his father, Mats, to bridge the gap between humans and machines for a better, safer and sustainable future for all. We do it by developing groundbreaking Human Insight AI solutions, using machine learning and a multimodal approach to understand, support and predict human intentions and actions. Through combining deep, technical knowledge with a creative, innovative spirit. And with a persistent drive forward, challenging ourselves as well as the limits of possibility along the way.  

Today, our Automotive Solutions are embedded in next-generation vehicles, designed to prevent the loss of millions of human lives while making mobility experiences more comfortable, personalized and enjoyable. Our Research Instruments offer unparalleled performance in complex, real-world situations, paving the way for new insights in automotive, aviation, assistive technology, behavioral science and many more fields.  

Our subsidiary Affectiva is humanizing technology by pioneering Emotion AI, helping companies gain a deeper understanding of how consumers engage with their content, products and services, in automotive, media & entertainment, market research and beyond. 

Our subsidiary iMotions provides the world’s leading biosensor software platform, that in real-time synchronizes data streams from multiple sensors.  

Smart Eye’s solutions are used by thousands of partners and customers around the world. As the global industry leader, we will continue to look ahead to imagine a better future, so we can bring it closer to the here and now. 

Smart Eye was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Sweden with offices in the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Japan, Singapore and China. A publicly traded company since 2016, our customers include NASA, Nissan, Boeing, Honeywell, Volvo, GM, BMW, Geely, Harvard University, over 1,300 research organizations around the world, 70% of the world’s largest advertisers and 28% of the Fortune Global 500 companies.