In today’s dynamic research environment, achieving a comprehensive understanding of human behavior necessitates a multifaceted and in-depth approach. iMotions, a leading biometric research platform, offers enhanced integration with Affectiva, combining the power of facial expression analysis with a suite of other biometric sensors, all in one streamlined solution.

By integrating Affectiva as a facial expression module, researchers can simultaneously capture and analyze facial expressions alongside physiological arousal indicators, brain activity, eye tracking, voice analysis, heart rate, and more. This synergy of data sources allows for a complete and nuanced understanding of human behavior, actions, and thoughts.

What sets this integrated solution apart is its synchronized approach of biosensors application: as stimuli are presented, the responses of an individual — emotional, physiological, and cognitive — are captured in real-time. This method provides a precise, time-locked analysis, enabling researchers to correlate specific events with the reactions they evoke.

This comprehensive approach is indispensable for a wide array of applications. Academia, corporate research, neuromarketing, UX design, and other fields are leveraging this technology to unlock deeper insights. Whether it’s for designing a new digital experience, exploring human behavior in health and disease, or any other application, iMotions with Affectiva integration offers a complete picture of human response.


Decode Emotional Expressions in Real-Time 

Capture and interpret the emotional expressions displayed on the face with our state-of-the-art Emotion AI technology via the iMotions tool. Utilizing Affectiva’s advanced algorithms, our combined solution records and analyzes facial expressions in real time, offering a window into how respondents truly feel.

Simply by using a webcam, you can live synchronize expressed facial emotions with stimuli directly in the iMotions software. If you have recorded facial videos, you can easily import videos and conduct the analysis. Gain insights via built-in analytics and visualization tools, or export data for additional analyses. 

When combined with other biosensors, this technology becomes a powerful tool for gauging emotional experiences. While no single sensor can decipher thoughts, the collective analysis of multiple data streams, underpinned by robust empirical methods, offers a profound insight into human emotions and behaviors.

This enhanced integration between Affectiva and iMotions marks a significant advancement in the realm of biometric research, offering researchers unparalleled tools to explore the depths of human behavior and emotion.


About iMotions:

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with offices in Boston, Singapore, Berlin, and Sydney, iMotions is a provider of one of the world’s leading platforms for monitoring and analyzing the drivers of human behavior. iMotions solutions are science-based and are widely used both in academia and commercial research labs. 9/10 of the top 10 highest-rank universities use iMotions.

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Backed by world-class subject matter experts, iMotions developed its multimodal and cross-platform software solution over the last 17 years. The company refined its holistic approach to understanding and researching human behavior, continuously building its technology and platform to bridge industry gaps. In 2021, iMotions was acquired by Smart Eye and became part of the Smart Eye Group, but continues to operate independently.