.@TheCMOClub features our own @gabizij: https://t.co/Hjl58vU84D (PS she recommends CMOs read @Stratabeat CEO @TomShapiro's latest book!)
10:39, Feb. 23
.@ConversationCA mentions @Affectiva in great article that focuses on the development of #EmotionAI and its applica… https://t.co/KzDzaBwp5L
4:23, Feb. 22
.@ConversationCA mentions our Speech API, which can be used to help individuals with ASD who struggle with social i… https://t.co/AlQ0vg1Vt3
1:22, Feb. 22
.@sHRSoftware mentions our #AffdexMe product in highlighting how #emotion analytics can help automate the recruitin… https://t.co/QG0JjyO7Cc
10:59, Feb. 22
Missed our webcast yesterday, "Affectiva AI: Technical Deep Dive"? No worries, the recorded session is now availabl… https://t.co/svG6dQcv1i
9:35, Feb. 21
At @Affectiva our vision is to build a multi-modal #EmotionAI that goes beyond the basic emotions to capture people… https://t.co/orW2ZMT0Oo
11:44, Feb. 20
An overview of @Affectiva deep learning infrastucture - built for scale and handling of massive data, both from fac… https://t.co/lhWOW02EAZ
11:39, Feb. 20
An important part of what we do at @Affectiva is building global and diverse data sets. This helps avoiding bias i… https://t.co/CyH9cpBOSX
11:33, Feb. 20
Our deep learning models run on-device. We have built models that run 10,000x faster than VGG’16 for only a <1% reduction in accuracy!
11:30, Feb. 20
At @Affectiva we don’t just use off-the-shelf neural networks. We build new architectures and new layers designed f… https://t.co/guOEX0LUV8
11:25, Feb. 20
And our massive data fuels our deep learning techniques. Deep learning allows us to model more complex models with… https://t.co/7ERRSjJ7pW
11:21, Feb. 20
We build very large global data sets of spontaneous facial & vocal reactions, expressions and emotions - collected… https://t.co/h8hsAXqHUi
11:19, Feb. 20
And a summary of our approach to speech-based analytics - listening not for what is said, but HOW it is said. https://t.co/h4tRsY9Zvu
11:16, Feb. 20
A summary of our approach to facial expression and emotion analysis https://t.co/WF5UJ7MtOG
11:14, Feb. 20
In addressing #EmotionAI complexities at @Affectiva we are very focused on data, algorithms, our deep learning infr… https://t.co/KkdyOMRkiL
11:11, Feb. 20