We are mentioned in @VentureBeat as they discuss "Will ads be able to read your mind?" Tell us about your thoughts https://t.co/uqv5bQRGlI
9:34, May. 27
Catch @protobrand's Meta4 Insight in action as we do a deep analysis of emotions around fake news. Register for fre… https://t.co/TAQJWie1hH
8:02, May. 26
How do you feel about fake news? Learn how Affectiva and @Protobrand unveils new insights in the matter. Join free:… https://t.co/BwfsjTcMSg
2:04, May. 26
"Facing the Facts" cool infographic from partner @iMotionsGlobal describing how facial expression analysis works: https://t.co/aKwmtJna1o
10:32, May. 26
See how @Protobrand and @Affectiva uncover the deep emotions behind news consumption: Join for free on June 1 @ 2pm… https://t.co/YRkI5QhdLX
9:32, May. 26
Awesome infographic created from the largest emotion database in the world! HQ Image: https://t.co/O7l8LdcvYb… https://t.co/YGiYjEgXkX
10:40, May. 25
Our own @ahamino featured on @CNET @Roadshow article written by @way4ne. An in-depth look into emotion-aware cars. https://t.co/89ydyZHocb
9:40, May. 25
Our CEO @kaliouby's keynote @MIT_IDE Annual Conference starting in an hour. Registration is now open. View agenda:… https://t.co/9YwsYN7nKe
8:45, May. 25
Join our CEO @kaliouby for her keynote talk @MIT_IDE Annual Conference tomorrow @ 9:45am. View full agenda:… https://t.co/Qg8iDMSU1x
1:23, May. 24
We are hiring a VP of Strategic Accounts at the @Affectiva HQ. https://t.co/Fduqu5YvRC #EmotionAI
1:00, May. 24
Our CEO @kaliouby featured on @Forbes as one of the incredible women who are advancing AI research: https://t.co/E1xLDrEuua
10:38, May. 24