*Note, we are done hiring EMPath interns for the summer of 2018 but look forward to running the program again in 2019. so stay tuned!*

Affectiva is an MIT Media Lab spin-off focused understanding human emotion. Our vision is that technology needs the ability to sense, adapt and respond to not just commands but also non-verbal signals. We are building artificial emotional intelligence (Emotion AI).

Our first technology measures human emotion through sensing and analyzing facial expressions. This technology is already being used commercially in a number of different verticals and use cases, and has been released to the public in the form of SDKs so that developers around the world can begin to use it to create a new breed of apps, websites and experiences. Since 2017, we have extended our emotion sensing technology beyond the face to leverage human speech. Our goal is to build out our technology to perform emotion sensing multi-modally from speech and facial expressions when both channels are present, and unimodally when one of the channels of information is missing. Our emotion sensing technology has been used in a variety of industries, ranging from market research to mental well-being to autonomous vehicles.

For the summer of 2018, through our EMPath (Emotion Machine Pathway) program, we offered internship positions for high-school students. We looked for students who are interested in learning about affective computing, machine learning, deep learning, large scale web mining, and applications of computer vision and speech processing towards automatic emotion estimation.

If you are such a student, we look forward to meeting you! As part of the EMPath program, you could build not only the path to the future of Emotion AI, but also to your future career. Once we open applications up again for Summer of 2019 internship positions, you can visit this page for directions on how to apply – so keep checking back!

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