Affectiva is an MIT Media Lab spin-off and the leading provider of Human Perception AI: software that analyzes facial and vocal expressions to identify complex human emotional and cognitive states. Our vision is that technology needs to be able to sense, adapt and respond to people’s non-verbal signals, mental states, emotions and reactions, just the way humans do. We are humanizing technology!

Our patented AI software uses machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and speech science. Affectiva has built the world’s largest emotion data repository with over 7M faces analyzed in 87 countries. Affectiva is used by one fourth of the Fortune Global 500 for advertising testing and is now working with leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1s on next generation driver state monitoring and in-cabin mood sensing.

As you can imagine, such an ambitious vision takes a great team with a strong desire to explore and innovate. We are growing our team to improve and expand our core technologies and help solve many unique and interesting problems focused around sensing, understanding and adapting to human states. And, in building new products that never existed before, we are disrupting billion dollar industries such a advertising and automotive.

For the summer of 2019, through our EMPath (Emotion Machine Pathway) program, we are offering internship positions for students who are in high-school and higher (undergraduate or graduate school). Last year, the EMPath program included 4 high-school students, 3 undergrads and 5 graduate students. We are looking for students who are interested in affective computing, machine learning, deep learning, large scale web mining, and applications of computer vision and speech processing towards automatic emotion estimation. If you are such a student, we look forward to meeting you! As part of the EMPath program, you will be building not only the path to the future of Emotion AI, but also to your future career.

Apply using the link below. Send us your resume and a short paragraph outlining your programming and/or machine learning experience and interest. Students with any level of coding experience in any language are encouraged to apply. If you have a github account, send us the link (this is optional).

Interested in learning more about what it’s like to work at Affectiva? Check out the following blog posts written by past interns on their experiences and projects while at Affectiva:

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