By: Bernard Marr

Here’s the second part of my roundup of companies that will be making waves in the big data world this year.

Whereas in part one I focused on the giants of the industry, which have been around since the start, in this post I look at the newer names which have emerged on the scene more recently.

Some are quickly growing into household names, and some are still only known to big data specialists – but the profiles of all of these companies are likely to rise this year.




Affectiva is another name you might not have heard of, but you might find yourself using (or creepily, and more likely, being used by…) its software in the near future!

They create “emotional measurement technology” – generally based on facial-recognition – that allow photos and videos to be analyzed to determine the mood and feeling of the people featured.

The technology can be used for judging the reaction of audiences to adverts, measuring the mood of people pictured interacting with a company’s brand or service, or judging the mood of the audience of a political debate. Coca Cola and Unilever have both used the Affdex software to carry out analysis, and the technology is likely to become more widely used in marketing and many other applications.

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