Affectiva’s technology has validated exclusive measures to give confidence in market performance. Giving you clear guidance on targeting media groups, alongside executional challenges of improving story flow, creating cut-downs, testing voice overs and understanding the emotional role of your brand.

As viewers watch your stimulus, we measure their moment-by-moment facial expressions of emotion.  All your research panelists need is internet connectivity and a standard web camera – it’s simple, easy and highly accurate. The results are aggregated and displayed in an easy to use dashboard.

Our norms help benchmark how your ads perform compared to those of your competitors – by geography, product category, media length and on repeat view. Unparalleled in the industry, these norms are built on the world’s largest emotion database.


Affectiva Media Analytics Screen
Affectiva Media Analytics for Ad Testing — Dashboard

Affectiva’s Emotion AI has multiple applications for campaign development, answering advertising, brand and media challenges:

Improve story flow
Moment-by-moment emotion data can pinpoint viewer confusion and lack of engagement. This insight helps improve the story arch of an animatic or ad.

Create cut-downs
Identify the most emotionally engaging moments in longer TV ads so you can retain the most impactful parts when cutting down to shorter online ads.

Determine media spend
Test final ads for emotional engagement to identify potential wear out. Direct your advertising dollars to the ads with the best emotional impact on repeat view.

Test voice overs and brand reveal
Use emotion data to see if your audiences are emotionally engaged at the moment of brand reveal in an ad, and test the effectiveness of taglines and voice-overs.

Leading marketing insights firms and brands use Affectiva and media analytics to optimize content for media spend. Like Kantar, MediaCom, Unruly, and 25% of the Fortune Global 500 and 90% of the world’s largest advertisers, including 1,400 brands like Mars, Kellogg’s, and CBS, use our Media Analytics solution to optimize content and media spend.

  • Measures over 30 different facial classifiers, including 9 different emotional states; filter by demo and survey data
  • Seamlessly integrates with your survey and research methodology; works with any panel provider
  • Easy to use SaaS solution; all you need is a recorded interview video stream and internet connectivity for post-processing
  • Norms to benchmark the effectiveness of your content by geography, product category, media length and repeat view
  • Built using the world’s largest emotion database of more than 80,000 ads and more than 14.7 million faces analyzed in 90 countries


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