Affectiva facial coding gives you the ability to decode both audience reaction and the characters within the content. Empowering creative teams to identify the key emotional moments to enhance or edit playability, whilst also giving Marketeers the ability to understand the key moments for trailers and marketing materials.

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Affectiva’s Media Analytics solution provides deep insight into unfiltered and unbiased viewer emotional responses; which can help movie studios and their partners understand and optimize content to land with real impact across their intended audiences. Affectiva’s Emotion AI can identify key emotional moments within film, streaming, and TV content to enhance edits and improve playability of creative content. Further, it can also be used to enhance marketability through trailers and video marketing content. 

Content creators have the flexibility to research and optimize their narrative among large audiences in theatre, or across devices without the need to gather people together in a central venue. Delivering ROI through answering a range of creative & marketing challenges:

Understand both the audience and content
Gain an in-depth emotional understanding of both your audience and characters on screen

Improve story flow and understand scenes & chapters
Moment-by-moment emotion data can pinpoint viewer confusion and lack of engagement. This insight helps improve the story arch of the narrative.

Create cut-downs and understand alternative endings 
Identify the most emotionally engaging moments in longer narratives, so you can retain the most impactful parts when cutting down or optimizing.

TV show character development and analysis
Assess audience engagement with characters on TV shows or films and the interplay of characters – especially important when introducing new actors to a show.

Movie trailer creation
Movie studios use emotion analytics to test different versions of a movie trailer, and use the most engaging moments in each to create the final cut.


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Affectiva Media Analytics for Entertainment Content — Case Study Analysis

Leading content developers including CBS and ABC Disney, along with 26% of the Fortune Global 500 and 90% of the world’s largest advertisers use our Media Analytics solution to optimize content and spend.

  • Measures over 30 different facial classifiers, including 9 different emotional states; filter by demo and survey data
  • Seamlessly integrates with your survey and research methodology; works with any panel provider
  • Easy to use SaaS solution; device agnostic across mobile, tablet, desktop, and physical environments. Affectiva technology works with optical sensors, standard webcams, near-infrared & RGB
  • Norms to benchmark the effectiveness of your content by geography, product category, media length, and repeat view
  • Built using the world’s largest emotion database of more than 80,000 ads and more than 14.7 million faces analyzed in 90 countries


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