At Affectiva, we pioneered the first automotive applications of Emotion AI.

Using in-cabin cameras our AI can detect the state, emotions, and reactions of drivers and other occupants in the context of a vehicle environment, as well as their activities and the objects they use. Are they distracted, tired, happy, or angry? How are they reacting to the driving experience, the interfaces in the vehicle, other people in the car, and the content that is being served?

By getting a deeper understanding of what’s happening with people in a vehicle, OEMs and Tier 1s can create better mobility experiences that not only enhance safety but also comfort, wellness, and entertainment.

When Affectiva was acquired by Smart Eye, we merged our two companies, and Affectiva’s Emotion AI is now integrated into Smart Eye’s Automotive Interior Sensing solution. Affectiva’s deep expertise in machine learning, data acquisition, and annotation now enables Smart Eye to deliver Human Insight AI that understands, supports, and predicts human behavior in complex environments.


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