To gain a holistic view of human behavior in your research requires an approach that is both wide-ranging and deep. iMotions, the biometric research platform, seamlessly integrates Affectiva and other biometric sensors into one place. The process is simple, fast, and easily embarked on.

By combining facial expression data with measures of physiological arousal, brain activity, eye tracking and more, you can build up a complete view of human behavior, action, and thought.

The synchronized combination of sensors with a presented stimulus means that researchers can trace discrete occurrences, or moments in time, to the reaction of an individual. This time-locked approach can not only show an individual’s emotional response, but also their physiological and cognitive response. This allows a thorough understanding of how someone experiences the world, as their behavior can be objectively measured and assessed.


This approach is used by both universities and companies in their understanding of human behavior – by psychology researchers, neuromarketers, UX designers, and more. From designing a new store, or a new website, to understanding human behavior in health and disease, iMotions can help you get the whole picture.