To gain a holistic view of human behavior in your research requires an approach that is both wide-ranging and deep. iMotions, the biometric research platform, seamlessly integrates Affectiva and other biometric sensors into one place. The process is simple, fast, and easily embarked on.

By combining facial expression data with measures of physiological arousal, brain activity, eye tracking and more, you can build up a complete view of human behavior, action, and thought.

The synchronized combination of sensors with a presented stimulus means that researchers can trace discrete occurrences, or moments in time, to the reaction of an individual. This time-locked approach can not only show an individual’s emotional response, but also their physiological and cognitive response. This allows a thorough understanding of how someone experiences the world, as their behavior can be objectively measured and assessed.


This approach is used by both universities and companies in their understanding of human behavior – by psychology researchers, neuromarketers, UX designers, and more. From designing a new store, or a new website, to understanding human behavior in health and disease, iMotions can help you get the whole picture.


Features & Benefits
Seamless integration
The platform allows the combination and coordination of a huge range of biosensors, from Affectiva’s facial expression analysis, to galvanic skin response devices, eye tracking units, EEG headsets, and many more. iMotions is hardware agnostic and integrates out-of-the-box with the leading products in each category.
Adaptable experimentation
The presentation of research material or stimuli can be changed and modified depending on your needs. The platform allows image, video, or website presentation in a lab, as well as real-world experiments - from in-store, to social interaction testing. Integration with Qualtrics and inbuilt surveys provide on-the-spot questionnaires.
Endlessly adjustable
In addition to the wide range of plug-and-play experimental setups, the API can also be used, allowing any research to be created to your wishes. From integration of psychological tests, to custom-built biosensors, the limit of experimentation is only your imagination.
Experience and support
iMotions has over a decade of experience with biometric research, with a team of committed experts that are able to provide both guidance and support wherever needed. iMotions has built up a wealth of advice and guidance that can be used to accelerate your research capabilities.
Instant insights
Through real-time collection of biometric data, iMotions is able to rapidly deliver analysis and insights from experimental setups. With clear visualizations and comprehensive data collection, experiments can lead to conclusions faster than ever.
One stop shop
Through fruitful partnerships with leading hardware producers, iMotions can offer a one stop shop for bringing together everything that is needed to start up with biometric - from a single biometric sensor, to a fully fledged mega-lab.