Affectiva’s Emotion AI empowers you to quickly pinpoint emotional highlights, complimenting the role of the Qualitative Researcher through validating intuition and interpretation, all within an intuitive and easy to administer interface.

Qualitative research screen

Our Emotion AI technology can provide extra insight into online qual work, providing deep insights that can support the Qualitative Researcher’s own perceptions of emotional subtleties and shared feelings, in an online or physical setting. It can highlight crucial times where a respondent may be feeling something different to what they are saying, for both individual interviews and focus groups.

Affectiva can support the Qualitative Researcher through easily administered technology that gives confidence in user experience, adds scientifically validated insights, whilst complimenting and enhancing the expertise of the Qual Researcher.

How it Works

There are a number of ways our technology can be deployed to assist the Qualitative Researcher:

Enhancing Qualitative Creative & Concept Development
‘Pre-exposure’ of video content to a respondent before focus groups: working as an additional source of data & integration within existing approaches.

Enhancing Online Qualitative Interviews
Recording of an online session, for example through ‘Zoom’ or similar providers, to enable application of Facial Coding software in analysis, after the fact.

Enhancing Video Verbatim Feedback
Respondents’ recorded videos with qualitative insights can be processed and analyzed at scale, leveraging Facial Coding software.

Affectiva Media Analytics for Qualitative — Data Visualization

In all applications, there are significant advantages in adopting the Affectiva approach:

Emotional highlighting
Highlight issues ahead of interviews or  groups, or quickly pinpoint the moments of emotional negativity or positivity

Scientific validation
Deliver “demonstrable evidence” in debriefs to illustrate consumer response, as part of overall storytelling, complimenting the role of the Qualitative Researcher, through validating intuition and interpretation

Unlock subtleties
Brings to life emotional responses that consumers cannot verbally articulate or illustrate moments where what consumers ‘feel’ may be different to what they ‘say’. Explore emotional responses to key issues highlighted in the topic guide, or examine response by pre-defined segmentation groups. 

Our Media Analytics solutions are used by 26% of the Fortune Global 500 and 90% of the world’s largest advertisers to gain a deeper understanding of how consumers engage with their content, products and services in media & entertainment, market research and beyond:

  • Measures over 30 different facial classifiers, including 9 different emotional states
  • Seamlessly integrates with your research methodology
  • Easy to use SaaS solution; all you need is a recorded interview video stream and internet connectivity for post-processing
  • Built using the world’s largest emotion database of more than 80,000 ads and more than 14.7 million faces analyzed in 90 countries


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