We are creating an #AI that understands emotion. Check out @DesignNews' coverage of Affectiva: https://t.co/GtCSaSygFh #EmotionAI
12:10, Jun. 27
Interested in learning more about #EmotionAI? We've teamed up with @Udacity to on a nano-degree program: https://t.co/fHt3yextV8
9:40, Jun. 27
CEO @kaliouby featured on @BloombergRadio discussing the creation and application of #EmotionAI @Pershing conf. https://t.co/r2EbP3y3jY
10:38, Jun. 26
Our own @ahamino featured on @CNET @Roadshow article written by @way4ne. An in-depth look into emotion-aware cars. https://t.co/pyCKBVHJBy
9:38, Jun. 26
CEO @kaliouby in fireside chat with @ComputerHistory Museum CEO @jchchm discussing #EmotionAI. Featured on @Medium https://t.co/MGAcz57hmj
9:36, Jun. 25
CEO @kaliouby featured on @Forbes as an Emerging AI leader on @GilPress' AI Series for introducing #EmotionAI. https://t.co/iv987wQgrw
9:31, Jun. 24
"Facing the Facts" cool infographic from partner @iMotionsGlobal describing how facial expression analysis works: https://t.co/GNuWaDHznA
2:10, Jun. 23
In case you missed the awesome webinar on a Fake News study featuring @Protobrand and @Affectiva, watch it here: https://t.co/NS19W23910
12:09, Jun. 23
Adding an Emotional Face to Machine Learning - learn more about us as @mit_ide features our story on @Medium: https://t.co/yXSQ5QUogR
10:39, Jun. 23
Partner Spotlight: shelfPoint™ Retail Solution Adapts to Shopper Emotions https://t.co/zO3v769DMQ https://t.co/abABJPYkAP
9:45, Jun. 23
Our CEO @kaliouby, along with @RosalindPicard, featured @BizTechMagazine as one of the new mothers of technology! https://t.co/YRwlud7aBg
9:39, Jun. 23
New Kantar Millward Brown Advertising Report: Make a Lasting Impression https://t.co/NtbEH3Xd5v https://t.co/pdvotznx23
9:45, Jun. 22
Our CEO @kaliouby featured on @Forbes as one of the incredible women who are advancing AI research: https://t.co/GDLRKBJGPr
9:37, Jun. 22
Cofounder @RosalindPicard in Austin today delivering a keynote at @54thDAC Design Automation Conference:… https://t.co/OCwxHwfmqA
8:00, Jun. 22
Wouldn’t You Like Alexa Better if It Knew When It Was Annoying You? https://t.co/bacu69U9gK by @IEEESpectrum
12:05, Jun. 21