We are pioneers in Artificial Intelligence. We are on a mission to humanize digital interactions by building artificial emotional intelligence, or Emotion AI for short. As our interactions with technology become more conversational and relational, Emotion AI has become a critical component. It is transforming many industries: from advertising and automotive to social robotics and healthcare. Ultimately, we envision an emotion-aware world, redefining not only how we interact with technology but also how we connect and communicate with one another. As you can imagine, such an ambitious vision takes a great team with a strong desire to explore and innovate. We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent who can help build new artificial intelligence focused around sensing, understanding and adapting to human emotion. We invite you to join us on this uncharted, exciting territory of building Emotion AI.

What We Stand For
We get stuff done.
We begin with the end in mind to solve problems. We build technology and solutions that have a lasting impact on our communities and this world. We think big. We live with a “we can do this” mindset. We encourage autonomy, and reward people who take initiative. Pick something you care about, own it, get it done. We operate with a sense of urgency and finish what we start. We push hard. We strive to be the world experts in what we do.
We are passionate.
We are on a mission to humanize digital interactions. We are passionate about an emotion-aware world and its potential for transforming how we connect with technology and each other. We love evangelizing what we do and making our clients and partners successful. We recognize that it will take a lot of work to fulfill our mission, but that is what drives us. We work hard - not because we have to, but because we want to. We persevere.
We team up. We partner.
We believe in the collective intelligence of the people we work with: our team, our investors, our advisors, our partners and clients, and developers that use our technology. We have a vested interest in the personal and professional growth and success of all these stakeholders. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our experiences, backgrounds and perspectives, and believe that leads to smarter, more creative strategies and executions.
We have high integrity.
We hold the highest standards for all we do, especially in our science and products. We are respectful of people's privacy and ask for consent from people who share their emotions with us. We are transparent about what works and what needs improvement. We do not engage with applications of our technology that do not match our core values. We deliver on our promises. We value truth, openness and integrity.
We learn. We innovate.
We are building a world that does not yet exist. To get there, we never stop learning and find the time to learn new things. We never stop innovating. We are open-minded, we take risks, we fail fast, we try new technologies and we solve challenging problems. We cultivate the limitless imagination of ourselves and others by hosting lunch and learns, meetups and hackathons. We publish our work at conferences and journals. We are committed to improving how we do things.
We are flexible.
Our individual well-being and our families are a priority, we hold in high regard the needs of our team members. We trust in each person’s knowledge of what it takes to be successful and we trust in their ability to balance. We empower people to make decisions about their work schedules. We strive to create harmony between work and life outside of work. We are kind and respectful and we show empathy. And we remember to have fun and enjoy the ride.



Deep Learning Scientist - Boston, MA
We are looking for a deep learning researcher to join our science team.  (S)he will have experience in solving computer vision problems such as object detection, localization, and classification. Experience working on video (object tracking, action recognition) is a plus, as well as any experience working with the human face (face recognition, emotion estimation, multi-modal recognition).

Apply here at careers@affectiva.com

Lead Software Engineer - Cairo, Egypt
The Lead Software Engineer will be responsible for continuing migration from the legacy Grails platform to the Rails replacement and will write web frontend and backend code that supports multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE) Apply here at careers.cairo@affectiva.com
Data Processing Engineer - Cairo, Egypt
Do you like streamlining tools? Do you like fixing things? Do you enjoy solving tricky problems? Join the leaders in emotion recognition and develop emotion analytics powered by the largest repository of emotion data in the world. Apply here at careers.cairo@affectiva.com
DevOps Engineer - Cairo, Egypt
Do you love working in “the cloud”? Do you have a love of “infrastructure as code” and the ability to debate what DevOps really means? Do you try to automate everything you do? Does the idea of launching 200+ servers at noon and terminating them after lunch sound like fun? If so, this could be the job for you! Join the leaders in emotion recognition and develop emotion analytics powered by the largest repository of emotion data in the world. Apply here at careers.cairo@affectiva.com
Application Engineer - Cairo, Egypt
As an Applications Engineer, you will hold a multi-faceted position gaining exposure to all technical aspects of our business. You will be responsible to manage operations, work with our existing data and technology, and develop product enhancements necessary to improve efficiencies for our customers.

Apply here at careers.cairo@affectiva.com

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