We are pioneers in Artificial Intelligence on a mission to humanize technology.

We believe that technology needs to be able to sense, adapt and respond to people’s non-verbal signals, mental states, emotions and reactions, just the way humans do. We created and defined the category of artificial emotional intelligence—Emotion AI. And, now we are expanding this to Human Perception AI: software that measures all things human, from nuanced emotions and complex cognitive states, to people’s behaviors, activities and the objects they use. We use deep learning, computer vision, speech science and massive amounts of real-world data to build solutions never built before. And, the way our technology is being used, we are making lives better: from improving road safety to supporting mental health research, and much more. As you can imagine, such an ambitious vision takes a great team with a strong desire to explore and bring innovative products to market. We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent.

What We Stand For: Our Values

  1. We get stuff done
  2. We have high integrity and ethics  
  3. We value human connection
  4. We always learn and innovate 
  5. We are passionate
  6. We enjoy the journey

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Video Series: Why Do You Work at Affectiva?

Want to learn more about Affectiva? Interested in joining our team? Our new video series features our team talking about their roles at Affectiva and what excites them about our cutting edge AI.

Why Join Affectiva?
We are a company of firsts.
Create technology that has never been built before. We invented the category of Emotion AI and are now pioneering Human Perception AI.
We build real world solutions.
Build AI that gets deployed in the real world, transforming how humans and machines interact, making our lives better and safer.
We foster diversity.
We build diverse and inclusive teams as differences in backgrounds, life experiences and thinking are what drive creativity and innovation.
We collaborate. We innovate.
Immerse yourself in an exciting ecosystem: we collaborate with innovative companies and academic institutions.
We are responsible.
We lead on ethics in AI, leading the charge in developing fair, accountable and transparent AI. We have impeccable values.
We are an amazing team.
Join a diverse team of smart, fun and interesting folks with varied educational and cultural backgrounds.