The Brain Power System is the World’s First Augmented Reality Smart-Glass-System to empower children and adults with autism to teach themselves crucial social and cognitive skills.

Brain Power is a science-based neurotechnology company with a mission to build transformative technologies for children and adults with autism. Brain Power has developed the Brain Power System, an augmented reality smart-glass-system to empower children and adults with autism to teach themselves crucial social and cognitive skills. This technology has been heralded as a game-changer, and vital to address the critical therapeutic shortages that face the 1 in 68 children, and the over 3.5 million Americans thought to have autism. The Brain Power System is currently in IRB-approved clinical trials in children and young adults with autism.

The Brain Power System consists of a family of applications, focused on helping with a wide range of issues including emotion recognition, eye contact, self-control, and educational planning. One critical area of focus has been the development of applications to aid in emotion recognition and understanding, an area of identified need in many children and adults with autism. Affectiva’s emotion recognition technology is a vital component in helping to power the emotion analysis algorithms of the Brain Power System, helping to accurately characterize facial expressions and body language into emotional categories in real time.


Mother and child interacting through the Brain Power System.

Brain Power and Affectiva teams have been working closely across multiple areas since early 2016, leveraging the latest versions of Affectiva’s emotion recognition SDK to continuously develop and refine the emotion-based applications in the Brain Power System. The synergy between the scientific and research teams at Brain Power and Affectiva has been immense, with both organizations being heavily influenced by their MIT and Harvard roots.

The response among the over 200 children that have undergone beta testing has been extremely positive, and in some cases phenomenal. Affectiva engineers and researchers ensure that the emotion recognition technology is well integrated into the Brain Power System, enhancing usability, accuracy, and making sure that the system remains as scientifically robust as possible.

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Kids with Autism Love Playing and Engaging with the Brain Power System

Affectiva technology and expertise has allowed Brain Power to reach new heights in regards to the development of the Brain Power System. While Brain Power has previously developed its own custom-made emotion analytics technology, having the support of the industry leader in this field has helped to make the Brain Power System a game-changer.

The Brain Power System (July 2016)

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