The Fight The Stroke organization, an Affectiva SDK user, helps people learn or relearn motor skills, simply while observing with their platform product, Mirrorable.

Fight The Stroke is a social enterprise advocating for young stroke survivors. Starting from their own personal experience presented at TED Global in 2013, Roberto D’Angelo and Francesca Fedeli developed a movement around this issue. The pair focus on Relevance, Prevention, Early Diagnosis, Acute and Long Term Therapy for young patients.

In regards to Long Term Therapy, Fight The Stroke founders developed Mirrorable, a platform for motor skills rehab based on Mirror Neurons research. Mirrorable leverages skeleton data from Kinect/webcam and mood detection solutions like Affectiva in order to track progress and offer the best experience to children.

Fight The Stroke was looking for mood/emotion tracking solutions, and selected Affectiva. While they found the application examples on Affectiva’s website very appealing, the decisive factor was the availability of the SDK for Unity — this helped speed up their tests. Also, for a social enterprise like Fight the Stroke, it was very appealing to be able to test the Affectiva SDK for free.

Mirrorable uses the Affectiva Unity SDK to provide real time data to the doctor’s dashboard. This helps doctors to then provide real time feedback when they analyze that data.

“It was quite easy to integrate our platform with the Affectiva SDK. Our Mirrorable platform is built on top of Unity and Microsoft Azure cloud, and Affectiva works very well in these environments.” – Roberto D’Angelo, Fight The Stroke CEO & Co-Founder