Peppy Pals develops fun and educational apps that teach kids age 2-8 about social and emotional intelligence (SEL/EQ). While playing, kids learn from situations in an “online” world, developing skills that they can then apply in real life scenarios.

Peppy Pals is one of the first companies in the world that has gamified EQ for kids without using text or language. The award-winning apps and books use storytelling and humor to engage kids, instead of stressing over scores or getting to the next level in a game.

When kids play Peppy Pals they have fun interacting with five animal characters. While playing, they learn from the situations that they later on apply in real-life situations. The concept has been developed with early childhood education experts, EQ psychologists and researchers.

Affectiva’s emotion technology is part of a feature for kids to practice emotions by imitating what the characters are expressing. Future apps that Peppy Pals will release will feature Affectiva’s  technology as a way to help teachers, families and children with special needs, by detecting Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD early on.

“It has always been very important to us that our games can be played by all kids, regardless of language, culture, religion and special needs. Emotions are universal and something that we all feel. Affectiva’s emotion recognition technology is a way for us to better help children to understand, identify and express their emotions.” – Rosie Linder, Founder of Peppy Pals