By bringing emotional intelligence to digital advertising, Unruly creates better ad experiences for consumers, improved brand outcomes for advertisers and increased revenues for top-flight publishers. Unruly gets videos seen, shared and loved across the open web for brands that want to move people, not just reach people. Founded in 2006 across 20 locations worldwide, Unruly delivers emotional intelligence on a mission to #DeliverWow.

After the 2017 Super Bowl, Unruly surveyed 1,500 panelists using the company’s content evaluation tool that helps advertisers maximize the emotional and business impact of an ad. Unruly used Affectiva’s Emotion AI facial tracking tool to identify the attention spent while watching the ads tested. The results were depicted in the full report, “Video impact study: Super Bowl edition Unlocking the key metrics that drive digital video effectiveness using UnrulyEQ

The study revealed that Super Bowl 2017 advertisers attracted the fewest number of shares since Super Bowl 2011. Engagement was lopsided, with 5 ads taking more than half of overall online shares, despite 134 total creatives airing during the Big Game. Read more insights at the full report here.


Unruly, using Affectiva’s emotion recognition, found that online engagement dropped by almost 20% at Super Bowl 50. Source  

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Unruly makes a number of recommendations at the conclusion of the report, including that Super Bowl 2018 advertisers incorporate advanced testing to identify the emotions that are connecting with audiences. Additionally, to make the most of advertiser investment, make sure ads are connecting with audiences on important business metrics such as purchase intent, authenticity and brand recall.

“One of the brands which elicited an adverse response was Budweiser. Affectiva’s facial coding tracking used in the study found that [the Budweiser] ad’s aggressive tone did not go down well with some viewers, who showed expressions of dislike throughout the video.” – Tony Connelly, The Drum