Affectiva Automotive AI

The first multi-modal in-cabin sensing AI that identifies, from face and voice, complex and nuanced emotional and cognitive states of drivers and passengers. This helps improve road safety and the transportation experience.

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Affdex for Market Research

With facial coding and emotion analytics advertisers can measure unfiltered and unbiased consumer emotional responses to digital content. All your panelists need is internet connectivity and a standard webcam.

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In Lab Biometric Solution

Gain a holistic view of human behavior in your research with our partner iMotions' solution. Combined, this research platform seamlessly integrates emotion recognition technology and biometric sensors in one place.

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Affectiva is focused on advancing it’s technology in key verticals: automotive, market research, social robotics, and, through our partner iMotions, human behavioral research. Affectiva is no longer making it’s SDK and Emotion as a Service offerings directly available to new developers. Academic researchers should contact iMotions, who have our technology integrated into their platform.