We offer several emotion recognition products. From an easy-to-use SDK and API for developers, to robust solutions for market research and advertising.

Emotion SDK and API - Face

Using our SDK and API, developers can emotion-enable their apps, devices and digital experiences, so these can sense and adapt to facial expressions of emotion. Available for all major platforms, on device and in the cloud.

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Affdex for Market Research

With facial coding and emotion analytics advertisers can measure unfiltered and unbiased consumer emotional responses to digital content. All your panelists need is internet connectivity and a standard webcam.

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Emotion as a Service

Access our cloud-based service to analyze your images and videos of humans expressing emotion. Get detailed emotions metrics and a visualization of the data. On demand, no coding or integration required.

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In Lab Biometric Solution

Gain a holistic view of human behavior in your research with our partner iMotions' solution. Combined, this research platform seamlessly integrates emotion recognition technology and biometric sensors in one place.

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Emotion API - Speech

Using our cloud-based API for Speech, you can analyze pre-recorded audio segments of people speaking, to identify emotions in speech, as well as gender of the speaker.

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