Media and Advertising

Understanding Consumer Emotional Engagement

Emotions influence consumer behavior and decision making. Brands, advertisers and market researchers need to understand consumer emotional engagement with their brand content. Through emotion analytics you get the quality emotion data to create the best ads, the most engaging content and smartly allocate media spend.


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Optimize Ad Content
Measure moment-by-moment emotional reactions to videos and ads, to improve digital content. Determine if viewers are confused or not engagement and improve the story arch, test the effectiveness of voice-overs with taglines, determine if the moment of brand reveal is impactful.
Improve cut-downs
Doing cut-downs is not easy. You need to retain the most important brand messages, but have to make sure your audience is still emotionally engaged. Use moment-by-moment emotion analytics to cut longer TV ads to short online ads, ensuring you do not lose the most impactful parts.
Allocate Media Spend
Emotion analytics can help determine how to best spend your advertising dollars. If you have already created your ad campaing you can use our emotion recognition technology to identify the ads that drive the best emotional responses on repeat viewing - those might be the ones that deserve the bulk of your media spend.
TV Character Analysis
Audience emotional engagement with characters on a TV shows is key to the success of a show. Media companies use emotion analytics to determine if new characters on a show build rapport with viewers and if the interplay of characters is successful.
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